The HERO Agenda

On December 18th, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rodney Brewer held a news conference to announce the launch of the Kentucky HEROES program. Kentucky HEROES is a program of The HERO Campaign for Designated Drivers®, established in memory of Navy Ensign John Elliott of New Jersey, who was killed by a drunken driver in July, 2000, two months after graduating from the United States Naval Academy.

The Kentucky HEROES Campaign will ask bar and tavern owners, package goods stores, law enforcement, colleges and state and local governments throughout the state to participate in a program to promote the use of safe and sober designated drivers. Patrons are asked to support and participate in the program to help raise awareness about the importance of having a Designated Driver.

HERO Campaign partners will be asked to participate and support Kentucky HEROES in the following ways.

1. Bar and Tavern Owners

  • Sign the HERO Campaign pledge
  • Display HERO Campaign posters and promotional materials
  • Serve free soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages to designated drivers
  • Work with HERO Campaign partners to promote the campaign in their communities and register designated driver heroes

2. Alcoholic Beverage Distillers and Distributors

  • Distribute posters and brochures to bar owners
  • Encourage bar, tavern and liquor store participation

3. Package Good Stores

  • Display Kentucky HEROES promotional materials
  • Sell HERO bracelets as fund raisers

4. Law enforcement

  • Promote Kentucky HEROES at DUI Stops
  • Pass out Kentucky HEROES materials at highway safety forums

5. Division of Highway Safety, NHTSA and Division of ABC 

  • Help with public relations
  • Recruit bar and tavern owners

6. State and County Government

  • Pass resolutions endorsing Kentucky HEROES

7. Municipal Police

  • Promote campaign to bar and tavern owners.  Nominate outstanding HERO bars and taverns for positive recognition

8. Colleges

  • Support Kentucky HEROES partners in their counties
  • Promote the HERO Campaign on their campuses